Stone signs by Tom Barron

Job for Booths supermarket, Settle North Yorks. Four feet high, nine feet long. Designed, carved and installed by me. Made of new and reclaimed stone. I can deliver some signs in around 48 hours larger ones take around two weeks from
commission to delivery. I do three basic types of sign- freestanding- build in - fasten to wall.
I do two basic types of letter- incised- relief cut. Relief cut letters can be seen best in certain light, incised letters generally need painting. These letters are cut by hand, not by machine.

Ring me on 07733 290801
Use paypal to leave deposits and pay balances etc.


Burlington slate
around £400


I cut letters by hand, I can do work of a diverse
nature. Somtimes I charge for proposal work
and I nearly always charge for site visits.
It makes life easier and less expensive if you tell me you've read this when you contact me.


Burlington slate

large incised with textured bottom suitable for LARGE letters 5" high plus
these letters around 24 each

2 inch Gaelic letters around 10 per letter

letters painted and sign fixed

Reclaimed sandstone
Incised letters with gold finish.
Incised letters are cut by hand, not machine
cut like most these days. This makes them more
expensive, around 12 per letter with 30 to 70 for the stone.

Sign in progress relief cut letters in sandstone.
around 40 per letter (on straightforward commission) plus extra depending on stone.
Signs like this look best in certain light and can be
stunning when lit up at night.

Recent datestone (slate)
built into gable end by Joe Shaw of Cartmel

letters cut in large boulder

Logo in sandstone


Burlington slate