Stone carving / lettercutting chisels
These are the basic tools:


These toolkits are only available to visitors of the website, you will not find them available anywhere else. These are professional tools as used by full time carvers and lettercutters Toolkits come with quality toolroll, chisels are pre sharpened and come with a diamond wetstone. A comprehensive online guide with carving projects is available after purchase at no extra cost.
Basic toolkit package:
£150 inclusive of tax and postage worldwide

Quality tungsten carbide chisels made in England.

          toolkits come in a quality toolroll with a certificate of authenticity     

To buy these toolkits please visit this page

The chisels are tungsten carbide tipped. The sharpening block is made with industrial diamond . These are professional tools that combined with online projects will really get you started at stone carving.


These tools are suitable for anyone over the age of about 16 who has a fairly responsible approach.